The Art of Understanding Anger

$199.00 USD

Learn how to deal with your anger before it becomes a problem. This course will help you through real-world examples ...

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Take Back Your Power

$333.00 USD

Take Back Your Power& Reclaim Your Life! Have you ever struggled with hurting someone else’s feelings? Do...

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Inner Warrior - 5 Defense Steps & Tips

$99.00 USD

5 Warrior (Ninja) Defense Tips to Keep You Safe & Sane Taught by Master Theresa Byrne of United Martial Arts &a...

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Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships

$797.00 USD

Are you confused or unclear on the best way to set boundaries without feeling mean or being harsh? We...

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The Art of Embracing Anger

A digital ebook by Theresa Byrne ANGER 101: Anger has power over us until we learn how to work with it, no...

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