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Hey there! Do you feel powerful? Do you know your "power moves"? Are you aware of when you're in your "power zone" or out of it? Learning how to use your innate power and set proper, healthy boundaries isn't just important, it's imperative for us to THRIVE. Keeping us safe, sane, and sacred -- boundaries and our 'inpower' work together to unleash our superstardom. 

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Stop hoping and start taking charge of your own power ...

free web class

"Take Back Your Power - 5 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Warrior" covers the biggest mistake (#oops) we all make when setting boundaries and the secrets to setting healthy boundaries.

You'll also learn how to identify your Inner Warrior and the '5 Keys to Personal Safety Blueprint'.
Finally understand where confidence and the ability to assess situations quickly comes from, and so much more! #LikeANinja!



online e-courses

Online home study courses offer the flexibility to do your coursework at your own pace, as you're comfortable. #pajamas

All courses are experiential, meaning they aren't solely information you can pick up and store - they are created by a master instructor who is trained in the neuroscience and  principles of learning and retention. This means when you're in a course, you'll truly be "in" it. #LifeLessonsForReal


in-person workshops

All across the country, you can find Theresa leading workshops on inner power and several different topics; the broad scope is always on personal power, boundaries, defense, and what keeps us in (or takes us out) of our power. #InPower

Expertise and topics include: Mindset, Inner Warrior Work, Physiology Hacks, Thriving, Clearing Blocks, Adrenaline/Adrenal Reactions Training & Conditioning, Self-Defense, Anger Management, Fear Exposed, Bullying, TeenSpeak, Personal Safety, Boundary Setting, Assertive Communication, Healthy Conflict, and De-Escalation Techniques. 



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Mindset. Empowerment. Clarity. Boundaries. Safety. Life Lessons.

"I can't overstate the effectiveness of Theresa's work. It's difficult to describe because it's extremely powerful and yet subtle. From my heart, Thank you, Theresa!"

Diane Davalos Beale
Owner of ExpLearn Solutions

"What appeals to you? Learning to love yourself? Feeling powerful? Finding your power? I've received things I never imagined, nor contracted for, from Theresa Byrne. Theresa began mentoring me on everything I asked for, and never stopped. She saw things in me I coudn't imagine, nor would even know to ask for, as I did not even know I needed these things. I didn't know how hard I was on myself. I did not know I was in my own way. I did not know I was blocking my success by not believing in myself. "

Kimbirly Orr
Chief Media Strategist, Knock Out Performance

"I had no idea learning boundaries was as important as they are - no idea. After taking your training I realized many of the issues in my past relationships were because I didn’t know how to speak up for myself and I thought ‘being kind’ meant being a doormat. Theresa, you’ve shown me the light! Now I’m dating a great man who not only respects what I want, he ASKS me if I’m getting my needs met! I had no idea that was possible!"

S. C. Knight
Executive Director for a Nonprofit

"Your class was even better than I imagined! You truly helped me access my inner warrior and BE the strong woman I imagine that I am!"

Judith H.

"I am now so interested in learning even more about my adrenline response and controlling it! GREAT class!"

Stacey K.
Entrepreneur - Skintritionist

"I can’t thank you enough, Theresa! I was so stressed out - having a tough conversation with my boyfriend almost made me want to avoid it altogether…but through your training, I knew I had to talk about what was bothering me. I’m so glad I did! It turned out better than I ever could’ve expected! You helped me not only wrap my head around what I was feeling and what I wanted to say, you helped me figure out how to say it! I really like this guy - I’m so glad I didn’t shut down, THANK YOU! "

Elle Hamilton

"Your class was AMAZING! I loved learning how powerful my voice can be! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"I want to sign up for more classes with you as I want to get better! I want to introduce my daughter to these classes - I feel so much stronger and more confident!"

N. S.

"Thank you so much for drawing out our power the way you did. I HIGHLY recommend! "

Professional Organizer

"I feel so much better and stronger after taking your seminar, it was englightening to learn to use my voice to defend myself in potentially dangerous situations."

Talia A.

"I want to thank you for the amazing self-defense class you held on Saturday. I was so excited for the class but didn’t really know what to expect. You were right about the wild ride of emotions. By the end of the class I learned things about defending myself but more about my adrenaline and how I handle it. I will rave about your class and hope to see you in the second session. Have an amazing week! "

Dayna Rae Martinez
Professional Organizer - www.timeforyouorganizing.com

"I want you to know the entire experience was absolutely amazing. I have been on fire!!! I feel like I am the best version of myself. It is the me that has been yearning to escape for years… the part of my journey I have been lacking but could not have achieved on my own. My iridescent ball of protection has been with me, protecting me, guiding me, reminding me to forget silly frustrations and concentrate on what I am capable of doing. (which I might add has been A LOT)! I have not only had more energy but it has been infectious. I am motivating colleagues and we are pushing together, to make our department more efficient. My family has a tough time with holidays but this year, I was able to help everyone see through the fog of the crap and enjoy our time together by mentioning how fortunate we were to have one another. It was amazing to see everyone start sharing the good memories!!! I really can’t express everything going on since the clearing but I am keeping it close to me and I pray every night to remember the clarity you have uncovered. Feel free to share any of this information. I am so proud and excited!!!!"

Michelle S.
Procurement Manager


Owning your space means finding and keeping your inherent power physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And stopping anything draining or overwhelming you. It's YOUR power -- you get to unleash it! Click the pic for bio.


Online books and courses to guide you in your journey!

Have you ever struggled with hurting someone else’s feelings? Do you have a difficult time saying no? Are you sick of feeling exhausted, worn out, and taken for granted?

If you said "yes" to any of those -- this course was created for you.
What is it? This powerful 5 Module System is built to teach and show you how to be powerful in your own life, no matter what's going on around you! And that's true power - to be fully yourself at all times.

Being powerful is a choice, and it's your choice. It doesn't have to mean you're aggressive, cruel or hurtful. It's learning how to stand up for yourself, and find your own voice. And live inpowered!

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Fears can stop us or we can move through them to create a life worth living.  (Hint: You were meant to live a big life, and to go after your dreams.)

You can learn to understand your specific fears and where they come from, or you can let them stop you. Fear can be a message, not a stop sign. It's all a matter of choice. 

The choice is yours. 

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Simple and extremely practical defense tools to keep you safe & sane:

The more sane you are, the more you're able to do the work you came here to do. The more safe you feel, the more you are able to grow into the person you came here to be. We don't flourish in fear or adrenal stress reactions. This tips are simple, yet oh, so effective. Over 22 years of training and teaching boiled down into the 5 most effective "Aha's" from live self-defense workshops. Enjoy!

by a certified Master Level Instructor in personal protection, self-defense, Adrenal Stress Conditioning, and a 4th Degree Black Belt.

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